Special Financing

Conventional loans aren't for everyone. If you're interested in owning your own home and aren't ready to pursue a conventional loan, we offer two programs to help get you into your dream home!

Land Contract Program

The Land Contract Program is a great program for people who are looking to buy a home but for one reason or another cannot qualify (or don't want to) for a traditional bank loan right now.  R. F. Miller Properties will finance your home with as little as 4%-5% down and competitive interest rates.  You will make your loan payments (Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance) to R. F. Miller Properties for up to two years.  During the two year contract period, you are the owner of the home and can take advantage of all the great benefits of home ownership!  While you are making payments to R. F. Miller Properties, the amount you owe on the home is paying down just like a regular bank mortgage.  This will allow you to pay off debts, rebuild or establish credit so that at the end of your contract period you will be able to go to a traditional lender or mortgage broker and apply to refinance  your new home.  At anytime during the two years, you are free to refinance the house with absolutely no prepayment penalties.

Lease Option Program

The Lease Option Program is a great program for people who don't have quite enough money saved to purchase a home, but would like to move into their dream home today and lock in a purchase price for the future.  On this program, you would pay a 2%-3% non-refundable option fee which will lock in today's purchase price for a one year period.  This option fee does apply toward your purchase price as down payment when you decide to buy the house.  In the mean time, you can move in and rent the home until you are ready to buy.  Anytime during that year if you would like to upgrade to the Land Contract Program and purchase the home, you can do so by paying the difference of the down payment money and we will extend your contract by another full year. 

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